Resources to Help You Stay Informed

Resources to Help You Stay Informed

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See what experienced doctors have to say about the causes, risks, and treatment challenges of Carcinoid Syndrome.

The impact and management of Carcinoid Syndrome diarrhea

Dr. David Metz explains the causes of Carcinoid Syndrome diarrhea and ways to better manage the condition.

Variable treatment response and other clinical challenges

Dr. Lowell Anthony discusses treatment failure and other challenges in treating Carcinoid Syndrome.

Carcinoid Syndrome treatment goals and options

Dr. Jonathan Strosberg discusses why aiming for complete control of Carcinoid Syndrome is critical.

Chicken Ginger Congee

Try something different for dinner tonight with carcinoid-friendly chicken ginger congee.

Egg Breakfast Baskets

Take a break from boring breakfast with this carcinoid-friendly recipe for egg breakfast baskets.

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The latest research and resources on testing, treating, and living with Carcinoid Syndrome.