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Importance of 5-HIAA

Importance of 5-HIAA

When serotonin breaks down in your body, it becomes 5-HIAA. When you have carcinoid syndrome, you tend to have high levels of 5-HIAA in your blood, which is a key signal for diagnosis.

Increasing Levels of 5-HIAA Over Time Might Mean Your Disease Is Worsening

It’s important to monitor your 5-HIAA levels regularly if you have NETs. They can be checked with either a urine test or a blood test.

Remember to get your 5-HIAA levels checked
Frequency may depend on your tumor size and location, as well as your treatment plan. Talk to your doctor about how often your levels should be checked.

High 5-HIAA levels can be associated with:

  • Lower survival rate
  • Worsening carcinoid syndrome
  • Carcinoid heart disease—a life-threatening condition

Regularly monitoring your 5-HIAA levels can be an effective way to keep track of your disease.

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